This Blog is Dedicated to our dear friend Karen.
When she left this life she left a hole in our hearts as well as several to be read books.
We, her friends, will read these books for her.
This blog will be a sort of book club for us to post our thoughts and feelings about the stories and feelings we have of Karen while we read.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Timeline - Michael Crichton #327

I have always been a fan of Michael Crichton books. I actually thought I had read all of his books but apparently this one I missed but thanks to Karen I got a chance to read it.

Most of Crichton's books I can just see being made into action movies. I sometimes wonder if he is imagining the movie as he writes. I don't think this one has been made into a movie but I would definitely go watch it if it was. I enjoy stories with time travel. Such a fun concept to imagine being a part of. But this book definitely shows the scary side of what would happen if you were a part of it. Can you imagine going back in time and realizing you were right smack in the middle of the black plague....scary! 

This book is about a group of scientist from the 14th century that must go back in time to rescue their professor that got stuck back there. It was quite the adventure. Being scientists these people started out thoroughly enjoying the learning of it but the reality of having to live during this time and carry out their task was quite scary. I don't want to give away too much but know it was a page turner!

-Read by Abby 3/27/15

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