This Blog is Dedicated to our dear friend Karen.
When she left this life she left a hole in our hearts as well as several to be read books.
We, her friends, will read these books for her.
This blog will be a sort of book club for us to post our thoughts and feelings about the stories and feelings we have of Karen while we read.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

#118 Among the Hidden (Shadow Box Series) Margaret Peterson Haddix


This was a good start to the series. It introduces us to Luke, who is the third son in a family and, therefore, illegal. It seems that, due to food shortages, the government passed laws that limit each family to only two children. Luke has remained hidden his whole life; living on a farm, he could be out in the yard, but if a car comes to the house, he has to run into the house and hide in the attic. Now, the woods around the family's farm are being torn down, and houses are being built near their house, so Luke can't even go outside anymore. And soon, he can't even be on the ground floor of the house, in case someone might see him through the windows. He lives in the attic and eats his meals on the stairs, while his family eats ten feet away from him at the table.

But one day, peeking through the windows in the attic, Luke sees a girl in one of the houses next door - a house that already has two boys living in it! And he realizes that he may not be the only hidden child in the neighborhood.

If I had one complaint about this book, it's that it felt too short. The premise of the two-child law is established, Luke meets the other third-child, and things come to a head and the book is over. Of course, it is the first book in a series, so there should be plenty of opportunity in the following volumes to flesh out the story more. But I really enjoyed this volume, and I look forward to continuing the series.


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