This Blog is Dedicated to our dear friend Karen.
When she left this life she left a hole in our hearts as well as several to be read books.
We, her friends, will read these books for her.
This blog will be a sort of book club for us to post our thoughts and feelings about the stories and feelings we have of Karen while we read.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

#33 All the Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry


I'm not sure what I think of this book.  A friend on goodreads said it right when she said the cover of this book is very misleading.  This is a historical fiction book yet the cover shows a modern day girl which confused me.  The book goes back and forth from past to present which also confused me because I listened to the audio version so it didn't read smoothly.  I finally got a hang of it, but was so confused and felt like I had already missed some important parts while trying to get used to the flow of the book. Basically a teenage girl was kidnapped for 2 years by an insane man, the love of her life's father, and the man cut out her tongue so she couldn't share where he was, what happened, etc....

She eventually was able to return to her village, however, she was shunned by many including her own mother.  She was eventually able to share her story and redeem herself, but not without many trials along the way.

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