This Blog is Dedicated to our dear friend Karen.
When she left this life she left a hole in our hearts as well as several to be read books.
We, her friends, will read these books for her.
This blog will be a sort of book club for us to post our thoughts and feelings about the stories and feelings we have of Karen while we read.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#41 Push by Sapphire


I'm not sure what to say about this book.  It's horrible.  It's sad.  I felt like it was a mixture of porn and an after school special (with crude language). 

Precious was sexually abused by her father and mother.  The mother is angry with Precious for "stealing her man" and beats her often.  Precious has a couple kids by her own father.  Precious is sent to an alternative school where she meets other misfits, having gone through struggles of their own, and they become their own family so to speak.  They encourage and help each other and support each other.

I don't know why some people are born in such horrible circumstances and some are born in such happy circumstances.  I'm not naïve enough to think these things do not happen.  I know these things happen, however, I really don't want these images in my head.  And this book goes into a lot of detail and descriptive of what happens to the characters.  I definitely would not recommend this book to anyone and think Karen would not have enjoyed it either.

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